Walnut trees 2019-2020


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Excellent quality

We are particularly proud for the quality of our plants. Our walnut trees are certified, healthy and grafted trees of the most famous and productive varieties, such as CHANDLER, FERNOR, FRANQUETTE, PAYNE, etc. The walnut trees we supply the Greek and European markets are large, sturdy, healthy, with excellent root system crafted in subjects  Juglans regia and they are two years old

Unique Technical Support

Our agronomists are well known for their great experience and excellent scientific knowledge on walnut cultivation. For all our customers we provide free technical support and advice on the cultivation of walnut not only the year of planting but also all the following years. This free service provided by our company to its customers, together with its excellent walnut plants, guarantees the success of the cultivation of the walnut plants you will buy.
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What our producers say about us

Very satisfied with the walnut trees of Symagro

Γιώργος ΚατσακούναςΠαραγωγός - Καρπενήσι

I am in continuous contact with the agronomists of Symagro for whatever i need

Μανώλης ΛιανόςΠαραγωγός - Σέρρες

I am on the fifth year and i have great production!Thank you for everything.

Κώνσταντίνος ΓεωργίουΠαραγωγός - θεσσαλονίκη

Ask us to get you in touch with the hundreds of walnut producers we are working with.

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Pre-orders for our walnut saplings have already begun. Like every year our nursery is expected to sell all our certified walnut seedlings. Make your order as early as you can!

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